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"Oportunidad" products have been developed to contribute directly to the economy of families that have suffered the effects of the pandemic. The aim is to support mothers and fathers who have lost their source of income, children in a state of malnutrition, youth who are looking for some way to generate resources and forgotten communities in the countryside. We thank you for giving an opportunity to all this people.

"Soy mujer y soy emprededora" Project

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"I am a woman and I am an entrepreneur"

The project attempts to support mothers of families committed to their well-being and financial independence, providing practical technical training, professional advice, psychological assistance and seed capital to improve or start micro-businesses that help them support their families and support their families.

"Tú eres parte de la solución" Project

The "You Are Part of the Solution" project strives to directly attack the problem of violence against women in Cochabamba, since it is the department with the highest number of femicides. The objective is to mainly involve boys from school age to adulthood so that they assume a leading role in the eradication of gender violence. Our work consists of a strong task of sensitizing our current generations of children, young people and parents and equipping them with capacities that allow them to identify, intervene and assist in situations of violence against women.

 Wawas Project



Our WAWAS project (which means children in the native language Quecha) attempts above all to reduce the rates of domestic violence that mainly affect children as direct victims or witnesses of violence. For us, the fact of suffering or witnessing violence from early childhood is one of the causes for the rest of society's ills, such as crime, youth gangs, femicides, corruption, early pregnancies and even poverty. For this reason, the main objective is that the home and family become the safest places for all its members and from there a change of mentality is generated in favor of a culture of non-violence and peaceful coexistence with other actors. of the society.
The WAWAS project implements a Prevention, Protection, Rehabilitation and training program that allows all school-age children and adolescents, parents, teachers, principals and local leaders, to denature violence, identify it, interrupt it and prevent it. , promoting the practice of values ​​such as respect, tolerance, solidarity and recognition.

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