7 women
80% of women
216 femicides
2206 women


Huellas & Futuro's main goal is to eliminate domestic violence in order to ensure that other evils in society will also be eradicated. Therefore, we understand that extreme poverty can trigger episodes of domestic violence, hence, Huellas & Futuro, thanks to the support of BASAID, together with several volunteers, donors and with the logistics of the ECEM Cochabamba from the Armed Forces, it is reaching more than 200 families in the Karakara area of Cochabamba, with food baskets for approximately 1 month, aiming to protect mainly the health of more than 400 children mitigating the malnutrition rates of the region, avoiding potential spread of COVID19 due to displacement in search of food and preventing eventual acts of domestic violence.


In these difficult times we would like to know how everyone is, hence, we have developed this questionnaire for Spanish speakers in order to know if anybody is going through episodes of violence, it takes only 3 minutes to answer it. If you know anybody that you think that could be in danger, please forward this form through any digital means and we promise you to do our best to help effectively.

Times of COVID-19 



It is important that during quarantine you know how to take care of your physical health but also your emotional well-being, here are some tips to help you out:
• Try not to get intoxicated with the devastating news from the whole world, it is good to be informed but it is not necessary to exaggerate.
• Try to have an active routine at least from Monday to Friday, inactivity could lead to depression.
• If you feel anxiety or loneliness, communicate with the people you trust, talk about your concerns and don't hold back.
• Find a way to entertain yourself individually or with the family, board games and good reading are recommended.
• Look for new free ways to learn topics of your interest in the internet, there are endless convenient options to train in any area
• Eat a balanced menu composed of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, a complete diet is a way to strengthen the immune system.


BBC News - Health

04 December 2023

BBC News - Health BBC News - Health