7 women
80% of women
216 femicides
2206 women




Last April we had very important activities related to our project "Oportunidad", the effort of our beneficiaries today is reflected in the micro-business that have forged, women who seek their economic independence because they recognize their courage and strength to succeed. These healthy-gastronomy businesses were presented in a wonderful tasting afternoon to our regional authorities and representatives of institutions related to social work, who were given a portfolio of female entrepreneurs in this scope, in order to be considered when acquiring catering services.

We also had a fruitful work-café session held with the entrepreneurs and authorities to discuss issues of relevance related to hiring these services and reach agreements to make their labor engagement feasible. The result was very satisfactory for our entrepreneurs as well as for us because their success will guarantee them a life free of violence.



Today, Huellas & Futuro is pleased to present as part of the emotional psychological support to our women in Bolivia the new member: Andrea Tarifa Ramos, Bolivian and resident in Switzerland; She currently works as a Coach, Motivating Counselor (Relational Counselor) and Trainer of art therapy with Mandalas and geometries of nature, a pictorial artist as well as a specialist in the language of color. She takes face-to-face and online courses with her Mindful Mandala® method and personally follows coaching processes for female empowerment. Vocation of service and love for our land are transformed into volunteering to help women and adolescents with relationship problems. Through art, a channel of communication and emotional intelligence can be found, together with coaching and the use of colors, great results can be evidenced in solving problems by acting on a physical, emotional and mental level. Send us a message telling us about your case, your problem or your difficulty and why you would be interested in accessing this service, after a prior evaluation the mini personal growth programs will be opened with Andrea that will be developed virtually once or twice a month . Counting on your efforts and commitment, we will take great steps in a short time.



May 20, 2021


During this unfortunate explosion of massive infections and deaths due to the third wave of COVID-19 in the department of Cochabamba, being close to Bolivian Mother's Day and registering extremely low temperatures, Huellas & Futuro wanted to distribute a little hope to the most underserved families . In May 15, 2021 our team of volunteers visited the 15th district of Cochabamba delivering 1200 kilos of food including eggs, flour, rice, sugar, bread, noodles and oil; We have also provided with 240 rolls of toilet paper, 70 facemasks, more than 500 pieces of winter clothing and 70 liters of snitizer, benefiting more than 80 large families in entreme poverty.

These grants to the less privileged families of our city were possible thanks to the contributions and donations of good-hearted families and also part of the revenues generated in our project "Oportunidad Products"; Therefore, we want to express our deepest gratitude to those who contributed to this humanitarian assistance campaign and to the consumers of the Oportunidad made by Bolivian hands.




On March 2021 we have started with a new empowerment project for girls. We have realized that many of our girls have not fully access to the right to education due to the obstacles that virtual education presents for low-income families. It is important to give girls  a perspective to move forward.

Moreover, within our WAWAS program, we have launched a call for our girls from public schools who want to form and be part of a female soccer team. The main objectives are to achieve their leadership, put them out of the risk of abuse, train them professionally in a sports discipline, keep them in a network of containment with their peers, strengthen and develop their soft skills and turn them into agents of change for the prevention of violence and female empowerment.

In that context, we proudly introduce you to our first girls who are enthusiaslitcally training for their forthcoming selection process.




Despite the severe consequences of the Pandemic last year, we are pleased to say that we made it! Regardless the long lockdown in the country and all the restrictions to fight the COVID19 spreading, we kept providing our services online and even personally in many required cases.

Considering that our health and economy are the main victims of the Coronavirus, we tried to help the most unprivileged families providing them with food and basic items for hygiene; we are happy to have served to more than 600 families in extreme poverty with 20.000 eggs, 5000 Kg. of groceries such as rice, flour, sugar, oil, noodles and 1500 L. of sanitizer and liquid soap.


2020 has also brought us some good times, we have been honored by the Bolivian National Parliament “Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional de Bolivia” that gave us a recognition for our social endeavors aiming to reduce and prevent violence.


We have also been honored by the Regional Parliament of Cochabamba “Asamblea Legislativa Departamental de Cochabamba” that recognized our organization’s founder and president Daniela Valdivia as one of the “Women of 2020” “Mujeres del 2020” due to her devoutness to eradicate violence against women in our country.



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02 October 2023

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